Ryuno – Megumi EP

June 27, 2015

It’s not The Longing of Shiina Ryo volume 3, but it’s close. It’s also free.


One Response to “Ryuno – Megumi EP”

  1. JRG Says:

    Hi Mr./ Ms. Ryuno. I have read your light novel and I liked it. After reading volume 3, I was kinda hoping there would be another volume but it was the last one in baka tsuki. I tried to find any info about this novel and the total number of volumes. Unfortunately, i read this post of yours. It is a shame you couldnt continue writing the novel at least AT THE MOMENT because as you said you could continue writing once you have the time. I will continuously hope that you decide to continue the story soon. No worries I totally understand your point and i think most of the readers do too. Everyone has their priorities and no one should decide for you what that will be neither judge you for that. Well, I am curious how the story will end. I think Shintsu already developed a romantic feeling towards Ryo but he couldnt admit it yet. So I can say it was a good job for you. Good luck to your work!

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