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NaNoWriMo 03/30

November 3, 2012

5515 words down so far, major surreal battles going on.


more hiatuses than Togashi

October 30, 2012

So yeah, apparently I got a full time job. Which I already have mixed feelings about because of its conditions. Still, need the money so I gotta give it a shot even if it means throwing NaNoWriMo out the window. Remember when something exactly like this happened last year?

Volume 3 delayed? Yup, it seems so.


October 28, 2012

NaNoWriMo time!

After the traumatic events of the Slaughter Festival and the return of an old acquaintance with a craving for vengeance, will Koukishin Shinzou get the peaceful days he desperately wanted in the first place or was the whole experience just proof he is unfit for that kind of life? What awaits Kouma Yon after her manipulation being discovered and the situation seems to go deeper than initially assumed? What will happen to Reikoku-sensei, and why does her backup plan terrify Shin-tsu so much? How did the unusual events of that day affect Megumi? Will Akane come to terms with her insecurities and confess her love before it’s too late? What led Rin to considering breaking the band up? What is this town’s secret? What is Mystery? Who is Shiina Ryo?
A literary tale of creation, destruction and reconstruction comes to its conclusion. More characters! More sideplots! References! Casinos! Otaku culture! Psychological drama! Audio engineering! Secrets! Time travel! Metaphysics! Cooking! World War II! Gravity not working properly!

The ridiculously vague synopsis is there and Chiri’s face explains it very well. I’m not going to count the words I have already written, which would be technically “cheating”: in the following month, I really plan on writing 50k words and hopefully wrap the story up while doing so.

If you’re on NaNoWriMo as well, feel free to add me as a buddy!

the Red Orchestra plays one last time

October 14, 2012

The story written by Cyul reaches its climax!

So I think Ayaka’s VA is pretty amazing

May 14, 2012!

Not a lot I can say about this yet, but I’m really hyped. This is Captain Irish’s baby, but I fully endorse this project and hope the whole crew has a lot of fun with this.

Short update: third novel’s wordcount is currently at 11k because I am busy becoming the world’s strongest freelancer out of need rather than want. MIND OF STEEL, MIND OF STEEL. The notes on the novel keep growing, however; ideas don’t stop coming when you’re not actively writing (but they might stop coming when you are, that’s the irony).

While you wait, I suggest Dowman Sayman’s Voynich Hotel manga. It’s really, really good.

Bonus Disc

May 2, 2012

>implying this is not a game

So, as I mentioned before in comments, I have the intention of making a special  supplementary book to go along with the third novel. Now, now: by no means this implies it’s even halfway completed, but since a good portion of it is properly outlined, the “fragments” are becoming “puzzle pieces” and I’m trying to be more organized now, I thought it would be a good idea to just outright ask if there’s anything you’d like seeing in it. Here is what I have right now:

  • Side-stories (some canon, some pure blatant shippingmonogatari) by yours truly such as that Valentine’s day one-shot featuring Bones Guy that never got released;
  • More side-stories by fellow authors;
  • Background and detailed psychological analysis of the characters;
  • Official and perhaps Fan Art (…this is going to be a recurring joke, isn’t it?);
  • Reliable, complete timeline for further reference;
  • Original Sound Track;
  • Sheet music of “We are the Bleeding Dark”, perhaps of the whole OST if I’m not too lazy or have pages to spare due to not having content;
  • Preview of the main series “The Darkest” (I’m not sure whether a whole chapter or excerpts would be better);

It’s not much so far, but it’s mostly what I am sure can be arranged one way or another. Anything else you’d like to suggest? Animation is out of range right now, but the fan project for the Drama CD-like reading seems to be going well.


March 21, 2012

Chapter 2.5 is out, grab it while it’s hot and steamy as the date between these two characters!



PS: only two chapters left!


February 28, 2012

It has been great so far.


I have had time to deal with personal matters and a few projects, although I know all the time in the world wouldn’t be enough to do all I want to. Which is okay, if you consider  I would probably not be able to do all I want even if I had infinite time… Reading the “blog posts” of Koji Kumeta always gets me like this because his personal despair over mundane and publishing subjects reads as my own if I could write like that: I loved seeing him talk about how petty one can be over the silliest things.  He is one of the authors I hope I can meet one day, along with Hirohiko Araki and the one who doesn’t know I’m his rival yet.




Right now, of course, there is no way I can stand a fight against him: he writes better and faster than I do; as a fellow college dropout he managed to get published early and has been experiencing commercial success (except for a particular flop regarding a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure novel I want to read more just to see what could have possibly gone so wrong with a retelling of the story seen through Dio’s eyes that would deserve so many one-star ratings on ever since; he got animated by SHAFT; he drinks with Araki (and I don’t even drink, but I got really jealous) and wrote novels for Death Note and xxxHolic too. Basically, he has quite a lot of what I want.


And I really admire him. I want neither to take any of these away from him or for him to recognize me;  those ideals would be either immoral or pure, silly Shounen manga thinking. I do want, however, to rise to his level in quality and efficiency.


Writing doesn’t come naturally for me, and I guess it shows: I don’t really think in words, which might be the main reason why they fascinate me so much. After all, what can be more interesting than learning something new, be it an idiom, random trivia or a more specific branch of science? I wasn’t made for this, because if life was a role playing game my points would not be invested in any sort of productive attributes but rather in data absorption. To illustrate that, on the day I was fired I managed to read over two thousand pages of manga. It took me around an hour and I remember it vividly. Now ask me how long did I take to write the two Shiina Ryo novels.


(Would recommend Oyasumi Punpun to anyone who is not actively suicidal any day, by the way.)


My editor surprised me by letting me know I am no longer the “trouble writer” of his roster because, for good or bad, during the past year or two I did finish a couple novels, which apparently is more than he can say of all of his pets. It infuriates me to no end how I did it, though: after half a year not doing anything significant other than planning I managed to write around forty thousand words in a boss rush of two months but most of it on the last days. That is, however, still nothing: the legend states that NisiOisiN wrote the second Zaregoto novel in three days, which is very ironic since it surpasses the first novel in every sense. My greatest achievement recently was writing two thousand words of original fiction with just a faint idea of the theme in little more than half an hour so either way, I still have a lot of ground to cover.


But if I can learn, I’m going to catch up at some point. So watch out, NisiOisiN, this underdog might take a while but he’s coming for you. You inspire me and whether you’ll enjoy it, regret it or never even acknowledge it, I will do my best to get there anyway. I will not base my success in you alone, but if I can I will surpass you.


Just watch me.


PS: my editor was on vacation, so I don’t know when you’re getting the Kouma chapter. Hopefully soon. Love you guys, thanks for being so patient and understanding. Will make up to you.

second chapter out and the legend of finishing a novel

February 8, 2012

Hope you enjoy.


So I was supposed to get the book done by the 28th.

My editor had been very, very specific about that. Emphasized it profusely, one might say. It was not the first time he’d given me a deadline and I knew I’d be in trouble if I tested his patience any further. With that in mind and the fact I was completely overwhelmed by the stress of being “almost done with it” for a month, I wrote and wrote, especially harder than usual when the feared day came and I still had to tie scenes together by the tails to make a Rat King of a novel.

Until a series of abrupt interruptions came as I was finishing the last scene.
Contrary to his belief, my attention span does not shift from “absolute” to “none”: it is always completey devoted to the point of absorbing all data about something. Thus I am always, siempre, focused. The problem lies in the fact other parameter shifts instead, and that would be the target of said devotion. Which is, one must comprehend, rather unfortunate when I need to get something done. The world is, whether you choose to see it as a glass half-empty or half-full, a very intricate place composed of a great array of things a creature can learn from and about and, because Knowledge has nearly unlimited potential at the very least from a human’s standpoint, there is quite a lot to be distracted by.
It wasn’t that kind of interruption for once.
The power went down and stayed like that for an hour. During that hour I spent using my BlackBerry as a way of keeping contact with my loved one, who was bound to get worried since she was asleep at the time it happened with the computer speakers cranked and the noise Skype makes when one party disconnects is distressing to say the least, all I could do was wonder if this would go on all day.
It did.
Whenever the power would come back, the internet would go down soon after until the day was over.  The stress was insane, so I just let it go. The next day, when the situation was better regarding electricity albeit not optimal when it came down to internet connection reliability. Still, with the stressful days came the stressful scenes I needed to write; not to say I wouldn’t be able to execute them although without it the application of the concept would occur in a  very different manner because regardless of your initial spark, everything always affects the outcome.
Now I’m a little less (mentally) tired and will try to catch up on all the projects I’ve neglected as I work on the final outline for novel 3, which will probably be even harder to write because it actually has a plot. Or several.
This might be fun.

so my editor told me to start a blog

September 7, 2011

Which is something I’d do, given the circumstances: a writer should have some form of communication with his public, even though counting on the presence or existence of the audience would be optimistic, silly and eventually soul-crushing to me but still a necessary evil based on principles and morals we carved on stone not to forget who we are or rather should strive to become. Either way, whether I’ll maintain it or leave it to rot as I usually do with any sort of diary it’s up to fate, and by that I mean it’s so unlikely it might actually work.

Hah, who am I kidding?

Greetings, I’m That guy !!D/txAIyjx+4, also known as Ryuno. I am afraid my week-day based rehearsals took my hikikomori status, but I remain a first class NEET: regardless of how many “professions” I perform or am able to (and as I’m sure you know by now, those things are certainly not the same), I remain without a job or contract of sorts.

I have been called a writer on occasion before, but it saddens me to say that statement is not precise at all; as I mentioned on a MeNaSe Pubs post, novelists hardly ever write but plan and scheme all day like fluffy cats on a villain’s lap instead. The reason why people mistakenly assume I am a writer is because I did write something, a light novel that started as a joke and now consumes my dreams and life with its desperate, devilish desire of becoming a franchise. The second volume has been coming along nicely, which means that in a sense it’s nowhere near completion and in other I could simply finish it today if I really, really felt like it (which I wanted to but don’t). The story for volume two of The Longing of Shiina Ryo has been planned and outlined for a while, emphasis on relationships as usual.

Clashing morals, internal and multi-layered conflicts, mutual misunderstandings, real pain treated as teenage drama and vice-versa: this is what fiction is all about. And while I don’t believe I’m a good writer, I am fully aware of this fact: I know fiction. Not genres, not styles: fiction, raw and dirty as the first caveman’s, survives until this day and is established on the same ideals. It just learned to make use of  clothing as the glorified primates that walk over the earth like they own it did, possibly for the same reasons. Never underestimate the values of protection and appeal. Most people would go so far as to get involved with others because of those two things.

As you must have noticed by now I digress easily. It comes with Asperger’s syndrome, to get an interest and start working on something only to find out it’s been seven hours, you did a doctorate thesis worth of research over nothing in a day, you barely remember why you started in the first place and if you did you’d probably walk the same path once again, your cat needs to be fed and it’s time for bed. It does sound slightly sad, you might wish you were dead.

I don’t.

I’ll try and avoid being too personal (and by that I mean mushy) here, but I have been happy for a little while now and I must admit that, while it remains an unusual situation to me, I enjoy it. Being happy, I mean.

Not to say bad things aren’t happening to me, pretty much the other way around. It could be said I’ve been living my darkest hour, especially if the subject regards finances. No more than faint, unintelligible cloud signs of positive change are present anywhere. It doesn’t bother me that much. It might, but it doesn’t right now and I’m glad for it.

In all honesty, I have no idea where I’m going and I don’t mean it with my life, but with this blog. I might fill it with my deepest thoughts, or at least the few of them that can be transcribed from waves to words. With music, with novel reports, with rants (and this is what my editor is hoping on, I’m sure) and hipster babble on Madoka. I might talk about pairings, which I do a lot and possibly too much for my own good. I might talk about me being sick and I might never post again, too.

For now, I’ll just have fun.