October 28, 2012

NaNoWriMo time!

After the traumatic events of the Slaughter Festival and the return of an old acquaintance with a craving for vengeance, will Koukishin Shinzou get the peaceful days he desperately wanted in the first place or was the whole experience just proof he is unfit for that kind of life? What awaits Kouma Yon after her manipulation being discovered and the situation seems to go deeper than initially assumed? What will happen to Reikoku-sensei, and why does her backup plan terrify Shin-tsu so much? How did the unusual events of that day affect Megumi? Will Akane come to terms with her insecurities and confess her love before it’s too late? What led Rin to considering breaking the band up? What is this town’s secret? What is Mystery? Who is Shiina Ryo?
A literary tale of creation, destruction and reconstruction comes to its conclusion. More characters! More sideplots! References! Casinos! Otaku culture! Psychological drama! Audio engineering! Secrets! Time travel! Metaphysics! Cooking! World War II! Gravity not working properly!

The ridiculously vague synopsis is there and Chiri’s face explains it very well. I’m not going to count the words I have already written, which would be technically “cheating”: in the following month, I really plan on writing 50k words and hopefully wrap the story up while doing so.

If you’re on NaNoWriMo as well, feel free to add me as a buddy!

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