Yup, here we go again.

August 29, 2012


Prologue plus one micro-chapter of the actual novel up, the next one is bound to give me trouble uploading because it’s a “micro chapter” with the size of the previous ones. So yeah, I never, ever get a break.

Also, delicious stories by fellow authors Cyul and Gilles and a Bones-guy spin-off. He even has a name now!

Since I’m a NEET with no stamina, it took me the whole day to do this. Hope you enjoy it and I intend on doing releases at least weekly, so this should be fun. Not as fun as Breaking Bad’s last season, of which I still need to watch the current episode but got spoiled to death by everyone. Mike-kun ;_;

How have you guys been?

One Response to “Yup, here we go again.”

  1. Gilles Says:

    Busy, tired, and generally apathetic. But always with ample time ready to devote to a good read.

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