So I think Ayaka’s VA is pretty amazing

May 14, 2012!

Not a lot I can say about this yet, but I’m really hyped. This is Captain Irish’s baby, but I fully endorse this project and hope the whole crew has a lot of fun with this.

Short update: third novel’s wordcount is currently at 11k because I am busy becoming the world’s strongest freelancer out of need rather than want. MIND OF STEEL, MIND OF STEEL. The notes on the novel keep growing, however; ideas don’t stop coming when you’re not actively writing (but they might stop coming when you are, that’s the irony).

While you wait, I suggest Dowman Sayman’s Voynich Hotel manga. It’s really, really good.

3 Responses to “So I think Ayaka’s VA is pretty amazing”

  1. benaresu Says:

    And here I was, thinking the Drama CD line was a joke. What a twist.

    (Voynich Hotel! Needs more chapters)

    • thatguyfroma Says:

      Now, if only I wasn’t joking about the possibility of a SHAFT adaptation… oh, the ways to trigger depression.

      And yes, I cannot wait for volume 2. Are you reading his one-shots as well?

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