Bonus Disc

May 2, 2012

>implying this is not a game

So, as I mentioned before in comments, I have the intention of making a special  supplementary book to go along with the third novel. Now, now: by no means this implies it’s even halfway completed, but since a good portion of it is properly outlined, the “fragments” are becoming “puzzle pieces” and I’m trying to be more organized now, I thought it would be a good idea to just outright ask if there’s anything you’d like seeing in it. Here is what I have right now:

  • Side-stories (some canon, some pure blatant shippingmonogatari) by yours truly such as that Valentine’s day one-shot featuring Bones Guy that never got released;
  • More side-stories by fellow authors;
  • Background and detailed psychological analysis of the characters;
  • Official and perhaps Fan Art (…this is going to be a recurring joke, isn’t it?);
  • Reliable, complete timeline for further reference;
  • Original Sound Track;
  • Sheet music of “We are the Bleeding Dark”, perhaps of the whole OST if I’m not too lazy or have pages to spare due to not having content;
  • Preview of the main series “The Darkest” (I’m not sure whether a whole chapter or excerpts would be better);

It’s not much so far, but it’s mostly what I am sure can be arranged one way or another. Anything else you’d like to suggest? Animation is out of range right now, but the fan project for the Drama CD-like reading seems to be going well.

6 Responses to “Bonus Disc”

  1. benaresu Says:

    I’m still hoping we’ll get “official” character designs soon. It’d be a shame for fanart to contradict it too much.

    But yes, I find this to be a really fun idea. I’d be curious for shorter stories from the perspective of other characters so I’m hoping a few stories like these find their way in.

    • thatguyfroma Says:

      Me too, especially because the drafts I’ve seen are just amazing.

      It could be fun, especially if I manage to come up with a decent story in which Akane tries to get Megumi to pay attention to her, 80’s rom-com style. Or actually writing the genderbending Sengoku story mentioned in metamonogatari…Maybe the story of how Shin-tsu, Ryo and Death Drive met could work too. It’d be ironic if the Bonus Disc took me more time to get done than the actual novel.

      • benaresu Says:

        Short Stories about previous incidents in S2’s life would be interesting, too (if there were any at all). From the looks of it, this could easily take more time than the actual Volume.
        *contacts French-Bread to make a doujin fighter*

      • thatguyfroma Says:

        >if there were any at all
        Nyahahaha~~, good thinking. Never let your guard down near a liar. And a doujin fighter would make me cry tears of joy, especially one good as RBO.

  2. benaresu Says:

    Alright, my schedule got finally cleared up so I’d like to jump on the bandwagon of questionable existence and announce that I got a hopefully moderately interesting short side-story in the planning stages.
    May I have permission to commence operations and presente the first draft once it’s finished, sir?

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