Second volume, edited version.

January 7, 2012

Publishing will occur in a serial manner with one chapter at week for five weeks and considering the sections are kind of huge, it’s probably for the best. This week’s would be the prologue for d.m.c. an it takes from the Monday after the end of the previous volume.

Stuff happens. Psychological issues surface. Characters show their fangs. People die. One chapter was written from Kouma Yon’s perspective so you can finally get an insight on how other characters perceive Shin-tsu and decide for yourself whether to believe him or not, or rather, when.

This second story was deliciously painful to write. You can read it here:

PS: Sorry for taking so long to update. Still love you guys.

4 Responses to “Second volume, edited version.”

  1. Malian Says:

    hey, the first volume was great, im from Argentina, sooo my english is kinda horrible and brute:) i really liked the book. i wish this volume is better! good luck!

    • thatguyfroma Says:

      Thank you very much for your support. Your English is fine so far, don’t be shy! I’m glad you liked the first volume. I hope this one is better too, because it’s being really tough to end.

  2. xrdvx Says:

    Just re-read the first chapter of volume two, and it was a joyful experience, just as the first time. Well, perhaps different.

    Either way, I liked it. I could probably say more to it, but I would end up re-writing the comment twenty times and still not feel comfortable with it.

    I’ll keep an eye for the next chapter.

    • thatguyfroma Says:

      I’m really thankful you enjoyed it and would like to know what was different in the two readings: that kind of factor is something writers should aim for, so if there’s any lead you could give me regarding what produced that effect I’d be eternally grateful.

      Also, I can relate to rewriting stuff many times and never being completely okay with the result; wanted to make a career out of it, really.

      Next chapter will be out soon, maybe with a week worth of delay in comparison to the original date due to MegaUpload’s demise (it’s hard to explain how exactly it affected the publishing, but I swear it did). Hope you have fun with it too.

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