so my editor told me to start a blog

September 7, 2011

Which is something I’d do, given the circumstances: a writer should have some form of communication with his public, even though counting on the presence or existence of the audience would be optimistic, silly and eventually soul-crushing to me but still a necessary evil based on principles and morals we carved on stone not to forget who we are or rather should strive to become. Either way, whether I’ll maintain it or leave it to rot as I usually do with any sort of diary it’s up to fate, and by that I mean it’s so unlikely it might actually work.

Hah, who am I kidding?

Greetings, I’m That guy !!D/txAIyjx+4, also known as Ryuno. I am afraid my week-day based rehearsals took my hikikomori status, but I remain a first class NEET: regardless of how many “professions” I perform or am able to (and as I’m sure you know by now, those things are certainly not the same), I remain without a job or contract of sorts.

I have been called a writer on occasion before, but it saddens me to say that statement is not precise at all; as I mentioned on a MeNaSe Pubs post, novelists hardly ever write but plan and scheme all day like fluffy cats on a villain’s lap instead. The reason why people mistakenly assume I am a writer is because I did write something, a light novel that started as a joke and now consumes my dreams and life with its desperate, devilish desire of becoming a franchise. The second volume has been coming along nicely, which means that in a sense it’s nowhere near completion and in other I could simply finish it today if I really, really felt like it (which I wanted to but don’t). The story for volume two of The Longing of Shiina Ryo has been planned and outlined for a while, emphasis on relationships as usual.

Clashing morals, internal and multi-layered conflicts, mutual misunderstandings, real pain treated as teenage drama and vice-versa: this is what fiction is all about. And while I don’t believe I’m a good writer, I am fully aware of this fact: I know fiction. Not genres, not styles: fiction, raw and dirty as the first caveman’s, survives until this day and is established on the same ideals. It just learned to make use of  clothing as the glorified primates that walk over the earth like they own it did, possibly for the same reasons. Never underestimate the values of protection and appeal. Most people would go so far as to get involved with others because of those two things.

As you must have noticed by now I digress easily. It comes with Asperger’s syndrome, to get an interest and start working on something only to find out it’s been seven hours, you did a doctorate thesis worth of research over nothing in a day, you barely remember why you started in the first place and if you did you’d probably walk the same path once again, your cat needs to be fed and it’s time for bed. It does sound slightly sad, you might wish you were dead.

I don’t.

I’ll try and avoid being too personal (and by that I mean mushy) here, but I have been happy for a little while now and I must admit that, while it remains an unusual situation to me, I enjoy it. Being happy, I mean.

Not to say bad things aren’t happening to me, pretty much the other way around. It could be said I’ve been living my darkest hour, especially if the subject regards finances. No more than faint, unintelligible cloud signs of positive change are present anywhere. It doesn’t bother me that much. It might, but it doesn’t right now and I’m glad for it.

In all honesty, I have no idea where I’m going and I don’t mean it with my life, but with this blog. I might fill it with my deepest thoughts, or at least the few of them that can be transcribed from waves to words. With music, with novel reports, with rants (and this is what my editor is hoping on, I’m sure) and hipster babble on Madoka. I might talk about pairings, which I do a lot and possibly too much for my own good. I might talk about me being sick and I might never post again, too.

For now, I’ll just have fun.

4 Responses to “so my editor told me to start a blog”

  1. Dante Locke Says:

    Hello Ryuno! I am Locke ( Name of writer XD )
    And because I am correcting made of the novels that you translate Lanove and Chibi Chibi Fansub …
    Something new, but I have my writer’s talents and because himself what’s important that can be for a person your history. ( I am writer and have a couple of finished novels ) I Am Not a great translator, but well I can have a try at it and passing Spaniard your novel, adapting her to the Spanish with my talent of writer. I doubt that somebody else pluck up the courage to translate something himself Original, but good I see potential to history. You suit someone’s purposes that you have more readers.

    That do you hold an opinion?
    Greetings! :3

  2. HereEmiya Says:

    Hi, I just read the first tome and I have only one thing to say : AWESOME !!

    I am a person, who has reading has main activity.
    I spend more time reading stories than doing anything else (even sleeping hehe).

    There are real good points in your narration.

    The stories is a bit chaotic : this is great !!

    You do not predict what will happen next : you put in application the principle “the authors are gods, the only limit is yours imagination limits : so just use your power !”

    I love the references, even if there are some I don’t grasp, they’re still fun !

    Your characters are all great, they feel as real as fictional.

    They mix possibilities and impossibilities, they are not limited.

    I love the main character : he is one of the best hero ever : he is just an unlucky fellow, just someone normal and stay it !! He does have a great understanding of some things but stay utterly clueless as some others 🙂

    Heroes that stay into (or into almost) human limitation are few. You managed to let him stay full of flaw, like his daydreaming, yet still loved.

    I came here after reading the afterword and decide to become a fan (yep, it worked).

    Anyway, keep the great work, And thanx for your Great work. (looking forward reading whats follows)

    • thatguyfroma Says:

      Hello and thank you for this really kind comment.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story and the themes, including the one pertaining to “flaws”: they are what makes living creatures (in this case, humans) interesting and colorful. Another big theme is “perception”, and I wonder if your own perception of the story’s universe will change during novel 2 and 3. And I’m also glad you enjoy the chaos, because there are very few stories in this world as chaotic as novel 3 is shaping out to be.

      There was a point where I could better relate to reading as a main activity to the point of taking place during hours where one was supposed to sleep as well: around five years ago, I would barely sleep and read hundreds of books through the nights. The activity was fun even though those days weren’t fun in general. If you haven’t read it already, I suggest the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

      Regarding the references, I have considered releasing an annotated file on them. It would kind of spoil the fun for some, but would help many others get exactly how nerdy the first volume was. My editor got quite a lot of them and it was fun for everyone.

      Once again, thank you for the comment and I hope you enjoy the following stories too!

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